Why should I have e-skills?

Why should I have e-skills? If you’ve heard about “e-skills” or maybe even about the E-skills Week 2012, you might be thinking about this. The reasons are many, but let’s first make sure you know what E-skills Week 2012 is, as you might not have heard about it. E-skills Week 2012 is a European campaign focused on showing people how to get jobs through e-skills in the digital age. This blog has been made for E-skills Week’s Project Passion competition, with the aim to inspire young people to develop their e-skills and also thus get more work opportunities.

Anyway, to my initial question: why should I have e-skills? There are many good reasons. E-skills are good to have when looking for a job, but in addition to this, e-skills are also great to have in your private life – you can surprise your significant other with a nice Valentine’s Day video, create a game for your friends, or just make the internet work for you (like If This Then That). Also, if you aim to be an entrepreneur you can be sure that having e-skills will not only save you money (by reducing costs), but also bring in more money (for instance, through increase of productivity). So, what are you waiting for – get e-skills, be creative and maybe you will be the one behind the new “e-phenomenon” everybody is buzzing about!

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