Why should I learn to code?

  1. This post was originally created with Storify but I decided to share it on my blog, too. I hope you’ll find this helpful if you are thinking about learning some coding!
  2. Here’s what people are saying:
  3. juneavila
    Why learn to program? So you can save time and be efficient in whatever you do. http://bit.ly/JEGSzF
    Wed, May 16 2012 13:30:49
  4. JohnSumser
    A federal judge learned to code – O’Reilly Radar http://awe.sm/5qq4u <- Everyone needs to know a little coding. It’s cultural competence.
    Tue, May 22 2012 22:50:14
  5. marco_n3rd
    today gotta work a lot !!!! seems to be strange to say but i love coding!!! why universities keep students so far from the real world needs?
    Thu, May 24 2012 01:31:11
  6. antoniwan
    Saturday? Working. Why? Because I fucking love coding.
    Sat, May 19 2012 10:21:45
  7. FredericM_
    I love it when something new I’m coding works on the first try. #HappyFeeling
    Fri, May 25 2012 13:12:58
  8. emogil
    “#Coding = Easiest Way To Change The World.” This is why I’ve been ditching you for night/weekend classes: http://www.quora.com/Computer-Programming/Should-most-young-people-learn-to-code?srid=GVk #nolife
    Wed, May 16 2012 18:41:43
  9. Here’s what people are writing:
  10. If you know how to code, you can get a high-paying job right now, or make valuable stuff right now. You will understand more about how the world works, and become a participating member in the digital society unfolding before us.
  11. Learning to code is learning to use logic and reason, and express your intent in a consistent, understandable, repeatable way. Learning to code is learning to get under the skin of a problem and reduce it to it’s simplest form. Learning to code is learning to harness power external to yourself and provide instructions to realise your ideas – whether that be directly to a computer, to delegate to one or more professional programmers or even a human team that work for and with you in any dicipline. Learning to code is ultimately a fantastic way to gain a multitude of transferrable skills.” – Andy Young
  12. Most people I know who are learning to code do it because they want to understand how the computer and the Web works so the next time an issue arises, they’re not caught feeling stupid about not knowing what went wrong.” – Natt Garun

3 thoughts on “Why should I learn to code?

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