In my earlier posts I’ve shared resources I think are great for coding newbies. To find these, I had to search the web and as I found more and more interesting sites, I realized I needed to organize them. That’s when I found Pearltrees.

So what is Pearltrees?

Pearltrees is a social bookmarking service which helps you save and organize all the interesting websites you come across on the web. In addition to that, you can share your pearl (a link to a single website) or tree (a thematic group of links aka pearls) with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

My observations:

Pearltrees hasn’t only helped me organize the hundreds of links I’ve found, but has also helped me connect with people interested in the same topics as I am. The Pearltrees community has also grown lately and I’ve noticed that my pearls are now shared more often by other users than before.

If you want to check out Pearltrees yourself, you’ll find my pearls here. My main branch is E-skills4Future, which is dedicated to programming. However, I recently also started a tree about social media.

So, if you need a tool to manage your links or other info (including your own files), go and have a look! If you like it or dislike it, feel free to leave a comment!

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